Pet Skunk Food

Pet Skunk Food FlyerSTOMP, Pet Skunk Food
The new, smaller chicken niblet has replaced the larger niblet. The formula is the same, only the size has changed. Some skunks have texture issues so you might want to place smaller orders until your are sure your skunk will eat the small niblet.

Hasn’t your skunk waited long enough? Introducing STOMP, a species appropriate pet skunk food designed to meet the nutritional needs of the pet skunk. For years skunk owners have had the time consuming task of putting together a wholesome, balanced diet for their skunks. This was no easy chore with mostly outdated and conflicting information available about the nutritional needs of pet skunks. Now STOMP takes the guesswork out of meal planning. STOMP is made from fresh, minimally processed ground chicken or duck including organs and bones, enriched with Vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids from herring oil and naturally preserved with Vitamin E. Next it is freeze dried for maximum nutrient availability.

The tasty nugget is perfectly sized for pet skunks and helps maintain clean, healthy teeth. The nutrient dense formula is cost effective due to the small portion size which also helps promote weight control. The exceptional quality is exactly what skunk owners have demanded, USDA inspected chicken with absolutely no added fillers, grains, colorings, antibiotics, hormones, or steroids.

STOMP, pet skunk food is available in both Chicken and Duck 6 oz., resealable packages. Proudly made in the USA. They really have waited long enough.