Pet Skunk Diet Ingredients

The recipe for a healthy pet skunk diet starts with fresh USDA inspected chicken. Add just the right amount of ground bone and organ meats. A touch of herring oil to provide both Vitamin D and omega 3 fatty acids. Top it off by adding Vitamin E to naturally preserve the food. STOMP pet skunk diet, has taken the work out of mealtime for pet skunks.

Mass produced pet foods often contain rendered by-products, grains, cereals, or other fillers which are not easily digested by a skunk and therefore not beneficial. Hard kibble type foods can damage the small teeth of a skunk and if forced to eat long term may cause the loss of one or more teeth.

STOMP is made from the highest quality ingredients. Freeze drying provides maximum, nutritional availability. It is firm enough to promote healthy, clean teeth but not hard enough to damage them. The high nutrient formula is exceptionally digestible and economical due to the small portion size. Small portions help reduce obesity, a common problem in pet skunks fed inappropriate foods.

Pet Skunk Diet
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