Stomp Testimonials

“STOMP is the perfect food in my opinion. My skunks love it and I give it to them with complete confidence that it will not harm them in any way. No chemicals, preservatives, or synthetic ingredients. Pure healthy food that I’m not leary to give my pet skunks.”
Cam S.

“My stinkers love this food!”.
Darcy P.E.

“My skunks have been eating Stomp as part of their diet since it came out, and they all love it. It is a great addition to a natural diet, and especially handy on hectic days, and for those with babies that need to eat multiple times a day. I would recommend that everyone keep some on hand!”
Chris R.

“I was thrilled to hear that there was a packaged dry food available for skunks that was truly good for them!
At first, mine weren’t too sure about this crunchy nugget. Once they tried it, now all I have to do is shake the bag and they come running! Even my most finicky eater loves STOMP.
It’s perfect for a snack, a treat, for the times you’re in a hurry, have forgotten to make their usual food, someone else is feeding them, etc. STOMP is a real breakthrough for us skunk lovers!”
Heidi, mom to 4 skunks (at this moment)

“Stomp is great, I am UK based and they kindly set it over from the US for me. I got the chicken and the duck and my skunk absolutely loves it. I will be buying more.”

“Stomp is my go-to for easy, healthy skunk food, especially when my skunk became over-weight from too many chicken necks and snacks. The portions keep him happy and he adores fresh Stomp over any other food.”

“Fast service. My skunk loves the food and he even likes the vitamins. I will buy again. The best food I have found for skunks so far.”